Top 5 Takeaways from Social Media Marketing.


During my time in Social Media Marketing, I’ve learned a few things, and want to pass on that information to the next brave soldiers who take this class in the fall semester. Overall, this class was very helpful in the world of personal branding, and I know I have an advantage over my competitors. Through the hardships of late night studying and finishing projects, this class has given me a huge skill set I will use in future years.

Now presenting, the top five takeaways from Social Media Marketing!

Know Yourself:

Top 5 Takeaways from social media marketing

I learned you need to know what your brand is. Know exactly who y

ou are and what you represent. Make

sure you connect what you show online to yourself in real life. Never put online things that are false. There is nothing worse than not connecting your online self to the physical self that goes into a job interview.

Know Your Direction:

Know exactly where you are and learn how to get there. Make sure your social media strategy incorporates strategies of growth. Make sure you know who you want to connect with that will help your social media presence.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule:

I have learned that scheduling is the key to a successful class and a successful career in social media. Make sure your social media works for you as well as your audience. Know your audience and the best way to schedule content around their schedule.

Be Human:

Make sure you are an authentic person. People like interacting with someone with a real personality. Include personality tweets and other funny little traces of your personality wherever you can. People don’t like robots and if you don’t have an authentic engagement with people, nobody will interact with you.

SEO is everything:

I have learned that your relevance on social media really depends on where you show up online. Your social media footprint and fingerprint will create your relevance. When employers look you up, they will be able to find you easier with a great SEO. One of my blog posts, and one of my tweets are high on google once you google my name. This connects the searcher to your online presence.


Even if you’re not directly going into the field of social media marketing, the skills learned in this class are extremely helpful. I have been able to connect with some great connections in the market research world. With personal branding and self-marketing skills, employers are more likely to favor you over your competitors. Use these takeaways as a way to better yourself and your network.

Who knows, you could get some great opportunities!

Comment how social media can improve your professional life!


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